Society Approves The Concealed Use of Steroids

Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun are the best examples of why it pays to use steroids.  Alex Rodriguez admitted to using steroids in 2001 to enhance his performance and since his first admitted use he has signed the two of the biggest contracts in Major League Baseball history,  The first contract was signed in 2003 and was worth $250 million.  Alex Rodriguez opted out of that contract and then signed a new contract in 2008 worth $275 million and can make an additional $30 million if he reaches certain historic milestones.  Rodriguez will make an additional $6 million when he reaches 660, 714, 755, 762, and 763 home runs,  Rodriguez obtained these absurd contracts through the use of steroids.

In class it was argued that everyone would love to see the “steroid Olympics,” and it seems that this argument was correct.  It’s well known that steroids are widely used in sprinting, bicycling, and many other sports.  Athletes like Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun have made millions through the quiet use of steroids.  When caught, as long as there is a public apology and that athlete avoids the media for some time, these players can come back and resume making millions of dollars.

Major League Baseball (MLB) recently suspended Ryan Braun for steroid use, but just a year ago he escaped suspension for steroid use when a technician failed to submit his sample in the appropriate manner,  His recent 65 game suspension is over and he has been reinstated to play for the Brewers,  Even with this suspension, Braun is scheduled to make $113 million dollars,

The use of steroids is a game of hide and seek.  As long as players continue to use the proven formula of using steroids and apologizing when caught, the public will continue to cheer them on.  Rodriguez is past his prime and is resented by the public in New York because of his massive contract combined with his lack of production.  However, Ryan Braun is only thirty years old and next season when he hits a few home runs all past transgressions will be forgiven.  Braun will once again be celebrated as if nothing happened.  As this continues to occur, it is hard to say society does not want a “steroid Olympics.”


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