Invisibility Cloak No Longer Science Fiction

The scientists in this article introduced the world to an interesting new take on cloaking devices.  The legal implications are endless!  Think of the possibilities for using this kind of technology both for the benefit and detriment of mankind.  Not just in wartime, but law enforcement, commercial industry, entertainment, not to mention if it’s further refined and falls into the wrong hands.  I guess that’s a risk you take with any type of new tech, and so far they’ve only managed to manipulate radio waves according to this article.  But light waves are what they’re working on next.  Imagine how powerful of a tool that would be if someone developed a suit that renders the wearer invisible to the naked eye.  Old school bank heists would be a thing of the past.

Up to now I always assumed cloaking devices would just project the scenery behind the object to the front.  An actual “cloak” if you will.  The thought of actually bending light waves is just baffling to me.  Probably because I’m not a physics guy.  It’s exciting to see where technology is headed in the near future.  Hopefully all this new tech will result in many new areas for legal practice.

The way the cloaking device works is similar to noise cancelling headphones but for visual detection.  The goal of its developers was to create a light weight device that scrambles the waves that bounce off of objects and are picked up by sensory organs or some form of receiver.  In essence, imagine the light waves coming from an object never reaching your eye.  Even if you’re looking directly at it.

Digging deeper into the philosophical realm, if we’re able to eventually manipulate what we see, hear, smell, touch, and even taste by using technology, I wonder if people’s ideas of reality would change.  For lack of a better example off the top of my head, in the Matrix as well as in Inception, the lingering question throughout those films was “what is really real?”  How do you define reality?  Creating a device that manipulates our vision externally would make me wonder eventually if what I’m seeing every day is really what’s there or what someone else wants me to see.


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