A Serendipitous Example

A few hours after giving a presentation on how veggie libel laws could be used to improve the quality of public discussions about GMOs, I discovered this article by Jon Entine, which was published yesterday on the Genetic Literacy Project’s website. The article makes a convincing case that New York Times journalist Michael Pollan has been using his position to spread disparaging information about GMOs which he knew was false or with reckless disregard for its truth or falsity. If Mr. Entine’s report is accurate, then Mr. Pollan should be held liable for any damage he’s caused. The only hard part is finding a party with standing and quantifying the damages.

The article is also worth reading for its summary of the notorious bad science touted by anti-GMO activists. The “scientists” who perform these studies–studies intentionally designed to reach a pre-determined, disparaging conclusion about food products–should also be held accountable, including through the use of punitive damages. 


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