Follow Up to GMOs

As a follow up to the work of Jessica Greenwald, I noticed today that there are two petitions before the White House regarding GMOs, one to require more extensive testing and the other to require labeling.  Considering our mutual disgust at the prospect, if not likelihood, of potential side effects, I thought our class might want to sign said petitions ;).  I have included them below.

Keep in mind: these petitions are side by side with the 60+ petitions for states to secede from the Union (yes, I’m aware there are only 50 states, but some may want to secede twice).  I’m not sure how effective a response these will receive, but the Administration has promised to review any petition with more than 25,000 signatures.

Petition to require extensive testing (at least 180 days) of all genetically modified organisms (GMO) sold in the US as food

“While there have been some isolated studies recently showing effects of concern, most of these have been in other countries and not verified by American scientists. All we (the below-signed) are asking is that the American Government fund studies that will test the safety of these organisms for consumption by the American Public. Studies need to run much longer than the currently required 90 days–at least 180 days and preferrably two years or more. We respectfully request that this testing be done in a facility and by independent scientists that have never worked for Monsanto or any other company that creates GMO seeds so that there is no possibility of conflict of interest in the results.”

Petition to require the FDA to require Labeling of food that contains Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)

“Corporations have Patented our Food with GMO’s and now Control of our food supply. What happens if they decide there is a shortage, raise prices and sue your only local farmer. They have injected and altered are food. They have won the right to lie in advertisements and food corporatioins [sic] have won the right to lie about what is in our food. What’s next.  We are going up against food corporations powerful enough to sue whole Nations, infiltrate the FDA, our court systems and dictate Government policy.”


4 thoughts on “Follow Up to GMOs

  1. I will gladly sign a petition to have those filing for sucesion tested and labeled; providing the tests are at least 180 days and the labels are not removable by penaltyof law.

  2. These petitions further emphasize the conclusion of my research: the parties are too polarized to reach a logical conclusion. Although I support the concept of additional and unbiased research, the politicized and almost conspiratorial tone of these petitions (as well as blatant grammatical errors) make it impossible for me to join such a biased movement. I hope that more moderate groups, with a sufficient scientific basis for their arguments, will approach Congress about this issue.

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