The FBI Has A New Facial Recognition App!

The FBI is only two years away from rolling out a new facial recognition app that will be able to help FBI agents out in the field.  This new technology will be able to add on to the bureau’s 13-year-old biometric fingerprint database and will enable field agents who use this new mobile app to collect facial images and to perform iris scans as well as collect fingerprints for the database.   This new software will help the agents quickly hunt down criminals on foot, gather some revealing traits on them, and then save this information into a dossier to be used in the future.

The Homeland Security Department already shares information with the FBI when monitoring the entries and exits of potentially dangerous foreign nationals.  With this new app on the horizon, Homeland Security began drafting recommendations for ensuring privacy.  They see the important need to protect this data being gathered and potentially shared.  Meanwhile, the FBI is publicly calling all software companies interested in getting in on their new “software solution to handheld data collection” to submit their proposals by November 26 of this year.

Can you imagine this scenario:  You fail your routine security check at the airport on your way to your vacation.  (sorry, underwire bra held you up at the metal detector).  Here come the Homeland Security grunts, chewing gum, plastic gloves on, waiting to check you out further.    But wait!  Instead of the normal “scanner wand,”  they will now place a hand-held device the size of a smart phone up to your eyeball and scan your iris for any information leading to the suspicion that you (or maybe just your IRIS) has been a potential terroristic threat in the past.  Gee, I hope your iris has unique traits that cannot be possibly misconstrued with traits on Hazzan Izz-Al-Din’s iris.  (He is still at large and one of the America’s Most Wanted) or any of the other meanies on their list.


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