New California Law to Prohibit Reparative Therapy

As reported here, therapy for minors dealing with sexual identification issues will soon be illegal in California.

The article identifies the prime target of the law as NARTH, an association the article says is represented by a man named David Pickup, who previously identified himself as homosexual but changed his sexual affiliation after reparative therapy.  The organization includes several Ph.Ds in psychology and includes in its membership a former president of the American Psychological Association, at least according to its wiki.  The organization is also one of 17 members of PATH (Positive Alternatives to Homosexuality), as are the American College of Pediatricians and Jonah International.

It also bears noting that only since 1973 has the American Psychological Association not defined homosexuality as a mental disorder, and the World Health Organization since 1990.  Thus, it is fascinating to see such a swing in the opposite direction, essentially criminalizing psychological treatments for this perceived disorder despite significant public controversy.


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