Another Death Row Inmate Freed By DNA

In Louisiana yesterday Damon A. Thibodeaux became the 18th man in the U.S. to be freed from Death Row by DNA, the sixth exonerated from Louisiana’s death row alone. Thibodeaux spent 15 years in prison for the rape and murder of his step-cousin. He confessed to the crime after 9 hours of police interrogation.  Both the state supreme court and the U.S. Supreme Court rejected his appeals that his trial was riddled with over 50 points of error and upheld his conviction. DNA has now proven his innocence. No DNA from the victim was found on the clothing he had been wearing at the time and the coat hanger that was used to kill the victim was not found to have his DNA on it. There must be more to the story than this however because excluding him alone would not be enough unless there was another sample – some DNA on the coat hanger that did not match him or the victim. There is surely more to the case than this over simplified article represents. You can read the Telegraph Herald’s story here.


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